Urocomfor™: Secure urine bag for external use for men

Urocomfor™ is the only catheter-free, single use urine bag with a non-return valve that enables men of all ages to urinate discretely, safely and comfortably whether lying down, sitting or standing.

It is the only device invented to prevent the spread of nosocomial infections or urinary origin. It is the only solution that exists for reducing the use of urinary catheters and doing away with the urinal that dates back to the Middle Ages.

It allows the patient to regain his autonomy and dignity.

Urocomfor™ defines itself as a safe medical device, unique in its field. It stands out not only because its design is so revolutionary in terms of hygiene and comfort, but also because it is so easy to use and so safe.

With Urocomfor™ technology we can resolve the problems and side effects linked to using existing urological equipment, while also cutting health care costs. The fight against urinary nosocomial infections can enable hospitals to make the savings they need to make and reduce morbidity-mortality, a health and financial plague.

So Urocomfor™ ticks all the boxes:

• - It makes it easier for immobilised and bed bound patients to urinate.
• - It improves nursing care by facilitating the urine management of bed bound patients.
• - It frees up nursing time.
• - It contributes to the financial savings required.

Who is it for?

All men, invalid or not, who suffer from urinary problems. For example those who suffer from frequent urination, urge incontinence, diabetes, heart failure or prostatic hyperplasia or are taking a diuretic treatment presenting the following urination difficulties: an urgent need to urinate, distressing and embarrassing.

They will be able to use this type of portable bag whenever they like in complete dignity and safety and will be able to relieve themselves whenever they need. Urocomfor, in the hospital or the pharmacy, could also make everyone's lives more comfortable and dignified.

• Urocomfor™ is designed for immobile or bed bound patients.
=> intuitive, straightforward, reliable, safe
• Urocomfor™ is a closed system.
=> it combats infections, there is no splashing and no foul smell
• Urocomfor™ frees up nurses' time.
=> better management of human resources
• Urocomfor™ leads to financial savings.
=> reduction in the financial burden created by nosocomial infections
• Urocomfor™ is ergonomic.
=> it makes it easier for the patient to urinate
=> it respects the dignity of the patient
=> it reduces the psychological stress of care staff, the patient and those close to them
• Urocomfor™ gives a positive image of the health care establishment.
=> patient comfort, a safe atmosphere, attention and consideration
• Urocomfor™ is pollution free when incinerated.
=> made from Polyethylene, no chlorinated derivatives



Combating the urination taboo

For continent men; a solution suitable for continent men that understands problems related to urination.