Urinex™: Secure urine bag for external use for women

Urinex™ sets a standard in catheter-free urination devices for women.
It is the only single-use urine bag with a free-flow and non-return valve that enables women of all ages to urinate in complete safety in any position and in all circumstances.

This new urine collector for women fights urinary nosocomial infection because it does away with the default systematic need for urinary catheters in current solutions and limits the use of bedpans.

Dignity, comfort and safety; three values that characterise Urinex™

Because it is so easy to use and so safe, Urinex™ is an innovation that has already won awards in Anglo-Saxon countries.

When it comes to the basic need of female patients to urinate, hospitals are only able to provide obsolete and unsuitable solutions that lessen the quality of care because they are uncomfortable and contaminating. They force care staff to use a urinary catheter, responsible for more than 80% of urinary nosocomial infections.

And yet Urinex™ meets all the criteria required by health care bodies:
- Urinex™ gives immobilised and bed bound patients urinary autonomy.
- It reduces the need for a nurse to be present to manage the urination of bed bound patients.
– It cuts hospitalisation costs.

For out-patients, this catheter-free urine bag can help all those suffering from urination problems. In fact a frequent need to urinate affects those suffering from diabetes, HTN, heart failure or organ descent or those taking diuretics. All these conditions result in difficulty retaining urine, imperiosity or urge incontinence. It is an emergency situation and a cause of distress and embarrassment.

Women will be able to use this kind of bag whenever they liked in complete dignity and safety. Available from pharmacies, it will find all sorts of uses in due time.

The fundamental need to relieve oneself when one wants will bring a real comfort.

The essential characteristics of Urinex™:

  • Urinex™ is designed for immobile or bed bound patients.
    => intuitive, straightforward, reliable, fast and easy to use
  • Urinex™ is a closed system.
    => no infections, splashing, accidents or unpleasant odours
  • Urinex™ frees up nurses' time.
    => better management of human resources
  • Urinex™ leads to financial savings.
    => reduction in the financial burden created by nosocomial infections
  • Urinex™ is ergonomic.
    => it makes it easier for the patient to urinate
    => it respects the dignity of the patient
    => it reduces the psychological stress of care staff, the patient and those close to them
  • Urinex™ gives a positive image of the health care establishment.
    => it is more comfortable for the patient and provides safety
  • Urinex™ is pollution free when incinerated.
    => made from Polyethylene, no chlorinated derivatives


Combating the urination taboo

For continent men; a solution suitable for continent men that understands problems related to urination.