Cover Bag: A protective cover for bedpans

10 essential characteristics for fighting the propagation and dissemination of bacteria:

  • Contains and secures the collection of excrement from bed-bound patients.
  • Limits the excrements as close to the patient as possible.
  • Makes the transportation of faecal matter safe and secure.
  • Avoids bacterial dissemination and contamination, both near to the patient and at a distance.
  • Protects the patient from all risk of infection via local contamination.
  • Protects health care personnel from environmental contamination.
  • Optimises and renders safe the removal and treatment of hospital waste.
  • Simplifies and renders safe the collection of all toilet products used by or on the patient.
  • Compact so easy to store.
  • Always ready to use.

The advantages of the Cover Bag:


Cover Bag: Avoids contact between the bedpan and the patient: an essential interface.
Cover Bag: Avoids contamination of the bedpan. This remains sheltered from bacteria.
Cover Bag: Contains excrement as close to the point of emission as possible.
Cover Bag: Prevents bacterial evaporation and aerolisation.


Cover Bag: Redirects care quality and simplifies the use of a bedpan for a better cost.
Cover Bag: It is so simple to use and practical, it frees up nurses' time.
Cover Bag: The systematic washing of the bedpan is no long indispensable as it is no longer soiled by faecal matter. It will be necessary to do so when changing patient.
Cover Bag: The bedpan will no longer need to be carried around between hospital departments to the sinks.
Cover Bag: It will no longer be necessary to mix up multiple, reusable medical equipment with multiple faecal matter in sinks, where washing conditions remains suspect.


- Collecting faecal matter as close to the patient as possible combats nosocomial infection and its propagation.
- With Cover Bag, the highly contaminating character of each intestinal biotope will find itself contained as soon as possible after emission. With this intestinal biotope, antibiotic resistance is directly implicated as a cause of nosocomial infections.


tuto cover bag 01
A bedpan with and without a cover bag


tuto cover bag 02
Place the cover bag on the bedpan


tuto cover bag 03
Adjust the cover bag around the bedpan


tuto cover bag 04
The cover bag is ready to use and will then go straight to waste disposal